“The ultimate flat roofing system”

Alpine Roofing are approved contractors and licenced to install Top Seal GRP roofing systems. GRP stands for glass reinforced plastic.

Unlimited design options

Top seal roofs come with a 25 year written guarantee from us and a 25 year back up guarantee from Topseal. This can also be further backed up with an insurance backed guarantee.

Most roof guarantees only cover you for as long as the company is in business and even then if they dispute your claim you may have to take legal action.

Our guarantee is backed up by Top seal, if we are no longer in business and in the unlikely event you develop a problem; top seal will take over the guarantee for the remainder of the 25 written contract.

No other fibre-glass roofing system comes with this type of guarantee. The guarantee is also fully transferable should you sell your property.

    This system can be used on any type of pitched roof, flat roof, walkway, balcony, green roof and can be used to replicate lead roofs.

    The Internet is full of cheap fibre-glass roofing systems available to anyone, only trained and approved contractors can buy Topseal.

    We can usually beat any fibre-glass roofing quote; Top seal roofs last a lifetime.

    Please visit www.topseal.co.uk for further details